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Side By Side Advocacy is a not-for-profit organisation based in Parramatta

About Side By Side Advocacy

Side By Side Advocacy is a not for profit advocacy organisation based in Parramatta.

We specialise in advocacy for people with intellectual disability.

We provide advocacy in a way that suits the needs of the person with disability. This could be through Citizen Advocacy, Individual Advocacy, or NDIS Appeals Support.

We respond to requests for advocacy assistance and also seek out people with disability who have unmet needs.

We are committed to inclusive governance. We are researching ways that people with intellectual disability can be more meaningfully included as members of management committees and boards.

We provide information and share relevant resources.

We speak up about issues that matter to people with disability.

Our vision

A world where all people are equal and valued, where diversity is celebrated, needs are fulfilled, and opportunities realised.

Our purpose

To promote and uphold the rights, needs and interests of people with disability to enable full and meaningful participation in the community.

We recognise that people with intellectual disability experience particular barriers in having their voices heard and needs met and for that reason we specialise in providing advocacy for people with intellectual disability.

Our values

The following values guide our work.

Inclusive: We embrace diversity and treat everyone with dignity and respect

Accountable:  We are transparent and ethical in all we do

Tenacious: We act with vigour and a determination to achieve the best results

Our core principles

1. Each person’s life is of equal and inherent value and worth.

2. People with disability have the right to advocacy and to protection from devaluation, neglect, abuse and the denial of human rights.

3. People with disability have the right to be treated as individuals, and not in terms of their disability.

4. All people are entitled to comprehensive and appropriate support to ensure full inclusion into the community.

5. All people have the right to make decisions about their own lives.

6. All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

7. All people have the right to be safe, valued and accepted.

8. All people have the potential to grow and develop and should be provided with opportunities.

9. All people have the same human and legal rights regardless of age, race, disability, religious belief, sex, sexuality and gender identity.

10. People with disability are to be treated in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Our people

Our governance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Side by Side Advocacy has information you can print and share.

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About Side By Side Advocacy


Citizen Advocacy


Individual Advocacy


Appeals Support


Inclusive Governance


How we work



We love to share information about the work we do. Get in touch to discuss possibilities.

Side By Side Advocacy originated as Citizen Advocacy Ryde-Hunter’s Hill and our citizen advocacy program continues to operate.


In 1989 a steering committee was established to investigate the feasibility of setting up a Citizen Advocacy Program to address that unmet need. One of the driving forces of the steering was John Roarty, a resident of Weemala in Ryde. He wrote forcefully about his experience of being institutionalised in his book Captives of Care. The steering committee was successful and the association, known as Citizen Advocacy Ryde Hunter’s Hill was incorporated in 1991.


In 2006 the constitution of Citizen Advocacy Ryde Hunter’s Hill was changed to enable the organisation to add a second model of advocacy. This form of advocacy is called Individual Advocacy and is delivered by members of staff, whom we call advocates. In 2006 we also changed our name to Side By Side Advocacy. The organisation later added additional projects.


We are funded by the Federal Government via the Department of Social Services.

Do you need more assistance? Contact the Side By Side Advocacy team today.

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Level 2, Suite 206, 34 Charles St, Parramatta NSW 2150