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The Inclusive Governance Project is exploring the inclusion of people with intellectual disability in the decision-making of Boards and committees

About Inclusive Governance

Inclusive Governance is about people from diverse backgrounds, including disability, being involved in the Boards and committees of organisations.

The Inclusive Governance Project has listened to the experiences of people involved with Boards. This includes Board members, with and without disability, Executive Officers and Board support people. Understanding these experiences help us to identify the benefits of inclusive governance and what helps people with intellectual disability to have a real voice in the decision-making of community organisations.

What is the project about? A two-minute video introducing the project can be found here:

The Findings of the Inclusive Governance Project

Five principles were identified from the findings of our research. Organisations can use these principles as a guide to develop a plan of action that will help them move towards inclusive governance. Click on headings below for more details.


Inclusive Governance requires a holistic, organisational approach to inclusion of people with intellectual disability. This means that people with intellectual disability are included in all parts of an organisation.

Principle 1

Inclusion of people with intellectual disability in the decision-making and governance of community organisations is valued.

Principle 2

There are clear pathways to Board membership for people with intellectual disability.

Principle 3

Board meetings and activities are accessible, meeting the inclusion needs of people with intellectual disability.

Principle 4

Individualised, skilled support is provided.

Principle 5

There is a commitment to making Inclusive Governance work.

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